P. Eichele & Company
Eichele & Company

The Eichele companies of Saint Louis, as well as the Thomas Allen Company, were interconnected, but do not appear to have been branches of the same company. Peter Eichele ran a company from 1866 to 1870. From that point, August Eichele began to run the business under the name Eichele & Company. P. Eichele stamps were used from August of 1866 until August of 1875. 33,382,100 were issued on old paper and 40,837,000 on silk paper. The copy above is on silk paper.

These stamps were printed in various shades of blue, and several copies in ultramarine are known. They are listed as being on old paper. The stamp at right above is one of these, but it appears to be on experimental silk paper, as there are several small fibers visibile on the back.

Eichele & Company stamps were issued from February, 1876 until February, 1883, although the company had been bought by the Diamond Match trust around 1881. 131,532,903 of their stamps were issued on silk, pink and watermarked papers. The copy above was printed on silk paper.

Rouletted copies were produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, but many on the market are faked.

Eichele & Company produced Telegraph Matches. This box shows how the stamps were attached, and generally destroyed.

A trial color die proof of the P. Eichele stamp.