New York Match Company

The New York Match Company was the successor to B. & H.D. Howard. It also bought out Bauer & Beudel. For some time in 1871 and 1872 the company was using four different one-cent stamps on its products: The Bauer & Beudel stamp, the one based on that stamp but with the name of the New York Match Co., the vermilion one based on the Howard stamp, and the tall green one pictured above.

The green stamps were issued from October of 1869 through November of 1875. 11,588,128 were issued on old paper and 19,728,360 were issued on silk paper. The copy above is on silk paper.

The blue stamp was produced for packs of 500 matches. The company only took one delivery of it, 144,000 copies on old paper, in February of 1872. Few copies are known, and most of those are faulty.

A double transfer is known on the one cent stamp, consisting of faint extra frame lines on the inside at upper left, above the top, and on the outside of the upper frame at right.