George W. Laird

The stamps issued by George W. Laird are made up of the bottle label as well as a revenue stamp section. They were issued from October, 1870 through February 8, 1883. 20,000 were issued on old paper and die cut, while another 59,760 were perforated. 325,867 were issued on silk paper, 5,048 on pink paper, and 294,460 on watermarked paper. On the last three papers, some were left imperforate and some were die cut. The catalog numbers are different for the imperforate and die cut varieties.

The examples above are imperforate on pink paper and die cut on silk paper.

There are at least two different double transfers known to have occurred on the Laird stamps. This one shows doubling to the left.

The double transfer on this copy is below and slightly to the left of various letters.