S.B. Hartman & Co.
Mishler's Herb Bitters Co.

Benjamin Mishler was in the brewing business in 1857 when he put together a concoction called Mishler's Herb Bitters, probably over a quarter alcohol. It proved to be a popular nostrum, and around 1867 Dr. Samuel Brubaker Hartman became the sole proprietor of the remedy.

The six-cent stamp was the first to be issued, in January of 1868. It was last issued in May of 1875. 133,515 were issued on old paper and 1,033 on silk paper. The copy above is on silk paper.

The four-cent stamp was issued from October, 1868 to October 1, 1880. 379,688 were printed on old paper, 355,416 on silk paper and 52,376 on pink and watermarked papers. The copy shown is on silk paper. Many of these were cut apart with scissors.

Mishler's Herb Bitters was sold under the Hartman name until late in 1879, when the company was reorganized as Mishler Herb Bitters Company. Only the four-cent stamp was reprinted with the new company name. The new stamps were issued from 1880 until April 6, 1883. 46,968 were issued, all on watermarked paper.

After repeal of the tax on patent medicines as of July 1, 1883 the Mishler's Herb Bitters Company used a facsimile label similar to their proprietary stamp. It had a one-cent rebate value.