Reuben P. Hall & Company

Doctor Reuben P. Hall and Philander Ring (Ring's Vegetable Ambrosia) formed a business relationship whereby Ring would market Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Restorer, the formula for which Hall said he had received from a destitute Italian sailor. Ring did this for some time, and then became curious enough to ask a chemist friend to analyze the preparation. The analysis resulted in questions asked of Doctor Hall and a termination of the relationship. By 1865, Demas Barnes & Company became wholesalers for the product. In the middle 1870's J.C. Ayer & Company bought the factory and ran it as a subsidiary until the 1920's. The product was dropped entirely around 1930.

Hall's stamps were first issued in March of 1866, and the last delivery was made December 30, 1882. 3,282,020 were issued on old paper, 1,665,904 on silk paper and 1,254,340 on watermarked paper. This one is printed on watermarked paper.

A newspaper clipping using a before-and-after illustration to promote Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer.

Trade cards promoting Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer, the "first preparation perfectly adapted to cure diseases of the scalp..." and Buckingham's Dye for the whiskers.

A Treatise on the Hair copyrighted by R.P. Hall & Co. in 1866. Inside it claims, "In order to protect the public from deception, we have secured the protection of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, who furnish us with a PRIVATE REVENUE STAMP, one of which is placed over the top of each bottle.... All that do not have the above-described stamp on are BASE IMITATIONS."