G.G. Green

G.G. Green's primary products were Boschee's German Syrup for diseases of the throat and lungs, Green's August Flower to treat things like dyspepsia and pain in the side, and Green's Ague Conqueror for malaria, chills and fever, and the worn-out feeling. The firm was in no hurry to have private stamps prepared, but in May of 1878 the first were issued. The final ones were issued in April of 1883. 5,074,630 were printed, all on watermarked paper. At some time a delivery of rouletted copies was made, but the number perforated that way is unknown.

G.G. Green's products lasted well into the twentieth century. During the Spanish American War tax period the company used a distinctive cancel on proprietary general issue stamps. By 1906 Boschee's German Syrup was castigated in aCollier's Magazine article. "Mr. Green's remedy contains morphine and some hydrocyanic acid. Therefore consumption will be much less often curable where Boschee's German Syrup is used than where it is not."

A trade card featuring Green's August Flower and Boschee's German Syrup.