A.H. Flanders

Little is known about A.H. Flanders, maker of or agent for Rush's Pills. He was probably located in the vicinity of Boston in the late 1860's. Stamps were issued for the company from November, 1869 through June 2, 1883. 543,050 were printed on old paper, 1,434,897 on silk paper and 1,767,040 on pink and watermarked papers.

Some of the stamps were issued with horizontal perforations only for use in strips to cover higher tax rates. All of the ones printed on old paper are part-perforate, as well as an unknown number of those printed on the other papers.

The fully perforated copy shown is on watermarked paper, and the part-perforated copy is on pink paper.

Multiple copies of the part-perforated stamps are not rare.