B.A. Fahnestock
J.E. Schwartz & Company

Benjamin A. Fahnestock, native of Pittsburg, PA, began to market his vermifuge in 1830. It was successful, and when stamps were required in 1862 Fahnestock quickly had one prepared for the product. It was first issued in February of 1863, and last issued in August of 1875. 2,522,750 were issued on old paper and 1,322,500 on silk paper. This one is on silk paper.

When Fahnestock died in 1868 the firm of Schwartz and Haslett took over his drug and proprietary medicine business. They apparently continued to use the Fahnestock stamps until 1875. By then the firm was known as J.E. Schwartz, which is what appears on the revised design. Revisions were only made to the lower labels, leaving the design virtually the same to the shopper's eye.

750,036 of the revised stamps were issued on silk, pink and watermarked papers from 1875 until December 27, 1882. This copy is on watermarked paper.

A plate card proof of the Fahnestock stamp.

A receipt issued by Fahnestock in 1869.

One of the free almanacs issued by Fahnestock shortly before the tax period.

A specimen label, probably from the early 1900's, showing that the Fahnestock name was still being used for the product.