Charles N. Crittenton

Charles N. Crittenton was first listed as a maker of patent medicine in the New York City Directory about 1863. He was a retailer and wholesaler until 1876, when he became a manufacturer. His main products were Pike's Toothache Drops and Glenn's Sulphur Soap. Private die stamps were ordered and first delivered in 1876. One-cent stamps in black were issued from October, 1876 until May, 1878. 883,720 were printed on silk paper.

Two-cent black stamps were issued from September, 1877 through March 6, 1883. The total number printed on silk, pink and watermarked papers was 975,926. The copy above is on silk paper.

In June of 1878 the color of the one-cent stamp was changed to blue. 2,306,030 of these were issued on pink and watermarked papers. The copy shown is on watermarked paper.

Crittenton's products were manufactured well into the twentieth century. This cover is from 1896.