William E. Clarke

Hunt's Remedy - the Great Kidney Medicine - dated back to the very early days of Manhattan, and was manufactured for some time before William E. Clarke of Providence came into possession of it in 1872. Clarke subsequently added Health Pills and Liver Cure, as well as Hunt's Infallible Eye-Wash, to his products. The three-cent private die stamps were issued briefly in 1880. Only 9,000 were printed, on watermarked paper.

Hunt's six-cent stamps were issued from some time in 1879 through November 24, 1880. 115,000 of these were printed on watermarked paper.

It is likely that Hunt passed away in late 1880 or early 1881. Shortly thereafter the business was run under the name of Hunt's Remedy Company, but no new stamps were issued.

A card proof of the three cent stamp.

A page from a druggist's catalog dating around 1881.