Phenique Chemical Company

The Phenique Chemical Company provisional stamps were printed on two different shades of paper, yellow and buff. The yellow stamps are not cancelled, while all of the known buff copies are cancelled as of August 5, 1898. Hermann Ivester reasons from the dates of the cancels that the buff copies were remainders, as use of the provisionals probably stopped around July 21, 1898. The copies above are on yellow paper.

The copies on buff paper. Since there is only one overlap in denominations between the two paper colors, other values may yet be found.

Ony one style of Phenique handstamps has been identified. The same one was used on battleship revenues as appears to have been used on the buff provisionals.

A Campho-Phenique brochure. The contents include such directions as:

Wounds caused by a rusty nail or similar object are particularly liable to cause tetanus (lockjaw) or blood poisoning, hence should be given instant attention. The powerful antiseptic properties of Campho-Phenique Liquid are needed in such cases to prevent infection, and the finishing dressing should be Campho-Phenique Powder. Renew this treatment daily.