Lambert Pharmacal Company

In 1881 J.W. Lambert, of Saint Louis, agreed to manufacture and sell Listerine, an antiseptic liquid first prepared by a Doctor Lawrence, also of Saint Louis. In 1885 Lawrence sold the formula to the Lambert Pharmacal Company.

Listerine became a popular success, and the Lambert Pharmacal Company continued to manufacture and sell it until 1955 when the company was merged into Warner-Hudnut, incorporated in Delaware. The name of the resulting corporation was the Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical Company. Listerine is now produced by Pfizer.

Originally the Lambert provisional stamps were listed as being black on white, but no such have been seen. The red on white stamps are one of the relatively more common provisionals and were most likely the basis for the original listing. The Lambert Company indicated that 6,500 were printed.

A sampling of various cancels that the Lambert Pharmacal Company used once battleship revenues were available.

A cover sent to Lambert in 1931.

An early advertisement for Listerine, touting it as an internal medicine.

Another Listerine advertisement from the early twentieth century. Even at the time it was advertised as being good for the teeth, just as it is sold today.