Od Chemical Company

The Od Chemical Company was formed by McDougald Haman to marked Sanmetto, "A preparation of true Sandalwood, fresh Saw Palmetto Berries and Zea. Alcohol 20.6%." This preparation was touted for its "Wide Range of Usefulness in the Genito-Urinary Field."

Private die stamps were applied for in 1900. 160,000 of them were printed.

The company used general issue proprietary stamps as well. Three styles of cancellations are known.

The stamp on the left has a recognized double impression, most evident in the upper left numerals.

Even before the end of the Spanish American War taxes the general design of the stamp was incorporated into a package label. The top label was replaced with "Victory" and the bottom one with a somewhat incoherent indication that Spain suffered a scar in the war, perhaps. Several different versions of these labels are known, with later ones including a guarantee under the Food & Drugs Act, June 30, 1906.

The last-known form of the package label indicates that the company may have merged with the Peacock Chemical Company and the Sultan Drug Company, both of Saint Louis.