Charles Marchand

Charles Marchand emigrated here from Paris around 1880 and set up a shop to produce and sell a hair-wash called Crisolene. After a few false starts he set up a firm called the Drevet Manufacturing Company of which he was president and Joseph B. Rose, formerly associated with J. B. Rose & Company, was Treasurer. It manufactured and sold Marchand's Castile Shampoo, Marchand's Peroxide of Hydrogen, Glycozone for digestive problems and Hydrozone, an antiseptic and mouthwash.

In the fall of 1899 Marchand applied for and received proprietary stamps with his portrait and name on them for use with the Drevet Manufacturing Company's products. All were issued with rouletting at first, then hyphen-hole perforations.

18,000 of the five-eights cent stamps were issued. This one has hyphen-hole perforations.

70,000 of the one-and-one-quarter cent stamps were issued, and 22,000 of the one-and-seven-eights cent stamps. Both of these have hyphen-hole perforations.

35,000 of the two-and-a-half cent stamp were issued, and 15,000 of the three-and-one-eights cent ones. The two-and-a-half cent one is rouletted and the three-and-one-eights cent one has hyphen-hole perforations.

11,400 of the four-and-three-eights cent stamp were issued, and 15,000 of the seven-and-one-half cent ones. The four-and-three-eights cent is rouletted and the seven-and-one-half cent one has hyphen-hole perforations.