Edward Wilder

Edward Wilder began to manufacture his range of proprietary medicines in Louisville, Kentucky in 1869. His private die stamps were first delivered later that year, in August. They were last issued on January 28, 1882. The one-cent green was issued both imperforate and die cut. 187,300 were printed on old paper, 183,686 on silk paper and 94,847 on watermarked paper. The die cut copy is on watermarked paper and the imperf copy is on silk paper.

The four-cent Wilder stamps are found in two distinct shades, each of which has its own catalog number. Both can also be found imperforate and die cut. There are no records of how many were issued in each color, but the vermilion ones are much scarcer than those printed in lake. A total of 192,340 were printed on old paper, 103,234 on silk paper and 59,525 on watermarked paper. The vermilion copy shown at left is on old paper and the lake one is on silk paper.