Wells, Richardson & Company

Edward Wells, A.E. Richardson, W.J. van Patten, William Wells, Henry Wells and F. H. Wells were officers of a company in Burlington, Vermont that was engaged in manufacturing butter coloring, dyes and children's foods, as well as Kidney-Wort, "The Safest, The Surest and The Best ever discovered for Kidney Diseases, Liver Complaints, Female Disorders, Piles, Gravel, Constipation, Dyspepsia and Debility." Their private die stamp was issued from May of 1880 until March 3, 1883. 957,675 were printed, all on watermarked paper.

A card proof of the Wells, Richardson stamp.

A page from a druggist's catalog dating around 1880.

Checks issued by Wells, Richardson & Company in 1875, 1876 and 1882. The 1875 check has an American Phototype Type D imprint, while the 1876 one has a Graphic Company, New York Type G imprint.