A.L. Scovill & Company

As a doctor in his mid-twenties, Amon L. Scovill formed a partnership with Henry E. Morrill in 1849 to market Dr. Roger's Compound Syrup of Liverwort, Tar & Canchalagua. By 1857 the firm produced a number of other medicines, including D. Wm. Hall's Balsam for the Lungs, Scovill's Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla and Stillingia and Circassian Hair Restorative. By 1862 Scovill seems to have exited the firm, returning by 1867.

General issue stamps would have have been used for a time. The one-cent black private die stamp appeared in Janyary of 1864 and was issued through September of 1873. 7,016,444 were printed on old paper and 900,320 on silk paper. This copy is printed on silk paper.

The two-cent green Scovill stamp was issued from February of 1864 through September of 1873. 3,834,928 were printed on old paper and 810,676 on silk paper. The one shown is on old paper.

Around 1872 the Scovill business was taken over by John Henry. This truncated trade card reflects that business connection.