Redding & Company

Redding and Company began business in 1806, over time producing Redding's Russia Salve plus serving as agents for some other products. By 1864 their own product was being marketed by S.W. Fowle & Company, among others.

The company must have used general issue proprietary stamps until May of 1872, when their private die stamp was first delivered. It was last issued on January 20, 1883. 517,800 were printed on silk paper and 386,190 on watermarked paper. The copy shown is on watermarked paper.

The company seems to have had their lawyer order the stamps, as they were registered to one W.A. Munroe, of Shattuck, Holmes and Munroe. Incidentally, the Holmes in the firm was Oliver Wendell, later to become a member of the Supreme Court.

The firm survived into the twentieth century. This circular was printed in 1932.