Charles C. Moore

Charles C. Moore introduced his Throat and Lung Lozenges in 1867, but did not begin to use a private die stamp until 1877, when the two-cent black was first delivered. It was last issued December 8, 1881, though the product continued to be offered well after the 1883 cessation of the tax.

704,150 of the stamps were printed, on silk, pink and watermarked papers. This copy is on watermarked paper.

The one-cent vermilion stamp was issued from some time in 1879 until December 8, 1881. 396,660 were printed, all on watermarked paper.

After June 30, 1883, when the proprietary taxes were no longer in effect, Moore had a facsimile stamp prepared for his products.

A card proof of the Moore facsimile.

A trade card for Moore's Pilules, a "positive Malarial Antidote... far far better than Quinine."

During the Spanish American War tax period Moore used general issue proprietary stamps for his products.