Moody, Michel and Company
West India Manufacturing Company

Yet another Saint Louis company that seemed to have no connection to medicine had a private die printed for that purpose. Matthew Moody, Joshua C. Michel and Morey T. Andrews were listed in the 1867 City Directory as "wholesale grocers, wines, liquors, cigars." Nevertheless, they had a stamp issued for use on their Celebrated West India Stomach Bitters from July of 1863 until May of 1867. 42,875 were printed, all on old paper.

It is likely that The West India Manufacturing Company bought out Moody, Michel in the summer of 1876. A revised stamp was issued under the new company name in July of 1877 and last issued April 20, 1883. 168,197 were printed on silk, pink and watermarked papers.

The die was re-engraved at some point. The second die has a number of identifying characteristics, one of which is the location of the position dot within the central circle of the design. On the original die it is about a half-millimeter below the top rim of the circle, while on the re-engraved version it is about one millimeter below. All silk and pink paper stamps are Die I, and watermarked stamps may be either. The one shown is watermarked, Die II. Note the distance of the position dot compared to where it is in the Moody, Michel stamp.

A trial color proof of the Moody, Michel stamp on India paper.