Alvah Littlefield

Alvah Littlefield began in the proprietary medicine field by buying rights to Atwood's Quinine Tonic Bitters from Moses Atwood, then Smolander's Compound Fluid Extract of Buchu, and Constitutional Catarrh Remedy. One of his major distributors was Demas Barnes, and in 1869 the Littlefield account was taken over by John Henry.

From 1862 until 1870 general issue proprietary stamps must have been used by Littlefield, but none have been identified.

The one-cent private proprietary was first issued in February of 1870, and last delivered on March 5, 1881. 604,700 were printed on old paper, 645,080 on silk paper and 72,450 on watermarked paper. This copy is on silk paper.

The four-cent green stamp was issued from February of 1871 until November of 1873. 14,025 were printed on old paper and 85,125 on silk paper. The one above is on silk paper.

In 1877 John F. Henry, Curran & Company acquired rights to Atwood's Bitters and transferred it to the Manhattan Medicine Company, changing the name to Atwood's Physical Jannaice Bitters.

Littlefield's nephew Chauncey also went into the proprietary medicine field, and purchased Constitutional Catarrh Remedy from his uncle. Chauncey also purchased products from George W. Swett, and perhaps used the Alvah Littlefield stamps on some of these.

Part of the package wrapping for Dickmann's Arnica Court Plaster, a product originally produced by one James Dickmann but acquired by Littlefield.