I.S. Johnson & Co.

Johnson's American Anodyne Liniment was to be used both externally (for chapped hands, burns, cuts...) and internally (diptheria, influenza, la grippe, croup, dysentery...) It had been produced first in 1810, but I.S. Johnson & Company was not formed untiul the early 1870's. Their proprietary stamp was first issued in February of 1872 and last delivered March 7, 1883. 2,612,750 were printed on silk paper and another 2,696,305 on pink and watermarked papers. The copy above is on silk paper.

The copy pictured also has one of the four listed double impressions for this stamp. It can be seen at the rounded outer corners at both sides. A detail from the stamp is shown to the left, with the same area from a normally printed copy to the right.