Hop Bitters Manufacturing Company

"Take HOP BITTERS three times a day, and you will have no doctor bills to pay." Although it was advertised as A Medicine, Not a Drink, it was pretty much alcohol flavored with hops, buchu, mandrake and dandelion. It was sold in pint bottles in liquor shops as well as druggists', and several teaspoonful dosages per day were suggested as a minimum. "FAR, far better for you than Beer, Ale or Porter, and free from the intoxicating effects, is HOP BITTERS." The Company also made a Drunkeness & Intermperance Cure...

It was less expenisve to be taxed as a medicine than liquor, so the Hop Bitters Company had private die stamps issued from 1879 until March 3, 1883. 2,765,400 were printed on watermarked paper.