Hiscox & Co.

Hiscox & Company was formed in 1875 to offer patent medicines. Several of the remedies were their own: Parker's Hair Balsam (never fails to restore the youthful color to gray or faded hair), Greve's Ointment (for catarrh, muscular pains, chilblains, rough or chapped skin, piles, burns or skin diseases), Hindercorns (cures corns and removes callouses and bunions), Floreston Cologne and Parker's Ginger Tonic (Are You Consumptive? A 50 cent bottle may save your life!)

The four cent stamp was first issued in 1875 and last issued prior to October 1, 1880. A total of 99,000 were issued on silk, pink and watermarked papers. The copy above is on silk paper.

The two cent stamp was not issued until 1880, and was last issued May 17, 1883. 662,990 were printed on watermarked paper.