Herrick's Pills
also see Herrick's Pills & Plasters

The Herrick "Pills" stamp was not ordered until after Dr. Herrick & Company had been sold to L.W. Warner & Company and moved from Albany to New York City. It was first issued in February of 1871 and last delivered on February 28, 1883.

286,410 stamps were printed on old paper, 2,175,507 on silk paper and 1,554,490 on pink and watermarked papers. The copy shown is on watermarked paper.

The top from a box of Herrick's Pills.

Warner used general issue proprietary stamps on the Herrick pills as well. At least four different types of cancels are known.

William Henry Hall, of Hall & Ruckel, became connected with the business around 1874. When W.L. Warner and company was dissolved around 1898 Augustus H. Hall helped reconstitute the company. It was sold and moved to Saint Louis in 1907. This wrapper for Herrick's Pills is from the Saint Louis period, when James F. Ballard was proprietor.

This advertisement is the front of a four-page flyer printed during the Saint Louis period.