Thos. Gorman & Bro.
Thomas Gorman

The Gorman factory was located in Westville, Connecticut. It was run under the name of Thomas Gorman & Brother until Thomas Gorman died in 1876. The firm's stamps were issued from November, 1865 through August, 1875. The original color was green, but Gorman requested that they be printed in black, then changed his mind. 5,193,500 were issued in green on old paper and 3,205,000 were issued on silk paper. Between the end of February, 1867 and June 25 of that year, 210,000 were issued in black on old paper. The green copy above is printed on old paper.

After Thomas Gorman died the factory was operated in his name for a number of years. Oddly enough, upon his death the name on the firm's stamps was changed to read "Thomas Gorman," eliminating reference to his brother. The revised stamps were issued from March of 1876 until October, 1880. 3,265,000 were issued on silk, pink and watermarked papers. This one is on pink paper.