G. Farr & Company
J. G. Hotchkiss Match Company

The matches of G. Farr and Company of Boston were manufactured in Athol, Massachusetts. Stamps were issued from March of 1865 to March of 1868. 1,621,290 were issued on old paper.

The Hotchkiss Match Company began as Hotchkiss and Parker in Conncecticut in 1856. By 1874 the firm was known as James G. Hotchkiss Match Company and was located in West Haven. The company used a stamp that was an alteration of the one used earlier by G. Farr and Company, even retaining Mr. Farr's picture. They were issued from June of 1874 to January, 1881. 2,640,000 were printed on silk paper and 5,769,733 on pink and watermarked papers. The copy shown was printed on silk paper.