Excelsior Match, Baltimore
Maryland Match Company

Excelsior matches were first manufactured by one Charles Donnelly for Lord & Robinson, wholesale dealers. The original private die stamp was the property of Mr. Donnelly, who got into a dispute with Lord & Robinson and would not allow them to use it. A model of the same design was then submitted to Washington for approval as property of Lord & Robinson, who took over manufacturing the matches in 1869 or thereabouts. This may explain why no company name appears on the stamps.

Excelsior stamps were issued from February 21, 1867 until the company was sold in August of 1872. 25,405,440 were issued on old paper and 6,783,889 were issued on silk paper. This copy is on old paper.

In 1872 Lord & Robinson sold Excelsior to Weedon & Bell, who changed the name to the Maryland Match Company. The stamp die was altered accordingly, and stamps were issued from September, 1872 through August, 1874. 9,075,000 were issued on silk paper.

One copy of the Maryland Match stamp is known on watermarked paper. It is not certain whether any of these were delivered for use.