Griggs & Scott
G.W.H. Davis

Andrew Griggs and Graham Scott ran the Iron City Match Works at the time this stamp was designed. Later in the factory's history it was run by Griggs alone, and around 1873 it was taken over by George W. H. Davis. Griggs and Scott stamps were issued from October, 1864 through August, 1875. 19,960,000 were printed on old paper and 11,067,000 on silk paper. This copy is on silk paper.

The Griggs and Scott stamps were altered for use by G.W.H. Davis by substitution of the name at the left side. The Davis stamps were issued from November, 1875 through January, 1883. 1,932,000 were printed in black on silk paper and 752,000 in carmine on watermarked paper.