Cramer & Kemp
John Loehr
Joseph Loehr

Frederick Kramer and Frederick Kemp were partners in the match business in 1864-66, but in May of 1866 the factory was destroyed by fire. Kemp may have sold the brand name and stamp die, as successors used the stamps for several years after that. 13,302,000 Kramer and Kemp stamps were issued on old paper in black from April, 1866 through July, 1869. 10,981,190 were issued in blue on old paper and 31,541,102 on silk paper from July, 1869 through August, 1875. The copy above is on silk paper.

John Loehr was active in the match business as well as the liquor trade from a base in New York City. Stamps where his name replaced Kramer & Kemp were issued from October, 1875 through December of that year. 2,040,245 were printed on silk paper.

Joseph Loehr seems to have lived in the same places as John Loehr, and was also in the match and liquor busnisses. The Joseph Loehr stamps were issued from February, 1876 through mid-December, 1880. 44,868,120 were issued on silk, pink and watermarked papers. The copy above is on watermarked paper.

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