Park City Match Company
Jas. L. Clark

Park City Match Company was located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It was succeeded by the Kenosha Match Company, with no change in stamp design. The one-cent stamps were issued from April, 1865 through June, 1873. 5,054,440 were issued on old paper and 17,803,440 on silk paper. The one above was printed on old paper.

The three-cent Park City stamp was used by its successor companies as well. 2,294,708 were issued on old paper from May of 1865 until September of 1869.

The Park City die was sold to James L. Clark in 1867. Clark used Park City stamps until 1873, when the Continental Bank Note Company took over and probably required a changed die. The Clark stamps were issued from June of 1873 through March of 1883. 56,218,758 were printed on silk paper and 216,084,241 on pink and watermarked paper. The copy above is on pink paper.

Some of the Clark stamps were rouletted.

A double transfer is known on the watermarked Clark stamps. Doubling is most evident in the top and bottom labels.

A flattened matchbox used by the James L. Clark company.