Byam, Carlton & Company

Byam, Carlton and Company used two adhesive stamps and a variety of wrappers with private die imprints on them. The first adhesive stamps were very large ones printed on tissue paper. The others were regular small stamps, issued from May 17, 1866 to December 4, 1882. 13,445,070 were issued on old paper, 8,325,333 on silk paper, and 8,211,000 on watermarked paper. The one shown was printed on watermarked paper.

A small, unused matchbox wrapper with the Byam, Carlton stamp attached.

A Byam, Carlton wrapper, two heads facing left in an ornate frame.

Another Byam, Carlton wrapper, head facing right.

This "two heads facing right" design is known with the right-hand text reading up as well, as below.

A complete Byam, Carleton wrapper of the "single head facing left" variety. The sides of this wrapper are folded under, and indications are that it was never used.

Another complete, unused wrapper with the sides folded under. This one features two heads facing left.

Byam & Carlton had been bought out by the Diamond Match Company by 1881. This wrapper could have been used after the tax ended in 1883, or with an adhesive stamp to pay the tax, if earlier. "For quickness and sureness, the public will find/ These Matches will leave all others behind./ Without further remarks we invite you to try 'em;/ Remember all good that are signed by E. Byam."

A card proof of the last design with two heads facing left.

A cover used by Byam, Carlton.

A Byam, Carlton receipt from May of 1868.