Bousfield & Poole

John Bousfield and John Poole manufactured matches and woodenware for about ten years, beginning in 1867. Their one-cent stamps were first issued in lilac, from August of 1867 through February of 1868, then in black from that time until May, 1875. 399,000 were issued in lilac on old paper and 8,895,190 were issued in black on old paper as well. 11,155,346 were printed in black on silk paper. The copy in black is on silk paper.

Bousfield & Poole also issued stamps to pay the tax on packs of 75 matches. 83,600 were issued in purple on old paper in August through September of 1867. Black was used thereafter, with 7,019,192 issued on old paper and 6,104,789 on silk paper, until the end of October, 1876. The example above, shown at about 60% of the size of the one-cent illustrations, is of a copy printed on silk paper.