Alexander's Matches
J.W. Eisenhart

Alexander's Matches were manufactured in Baltimore, and perhaps at first in Covington, Kentucky. The die for the stamp was transferred to Messrs England and Bell in March of 1874, but no changes were made to reflect their ownership. They continued to use the stamps until December of 1875. At that time the die passed into the possession of J.W. Eisenhart, who did alter it. (See below.)

Orange Alexander's Matches stamps were issued from August of 1864 until July, 1875. 8,329,200 were issued on old paper and 2,343,500 on silk paper. The copy above is on old paper.

A plate proof of the Alexander's Matches stamp on India paper.

On May 15, 1875 England and Bell wrote to Carpenter, the printer, that they wanted the stamps printed in blue since phosphorus on the matches turned the orange ones a dirty brown. Carpenter said this would be done as soon as the supply of already printed orange ones were delivered.

Blue Alexander's Matches stamps were issued in July and August of 1875. 198,000 were issued on silk paper. None are currently available for illustration.

J. W. Eisenhart was the final custodian of the Alexander's Matches die. It was altered to reflect the new owner.

Blue Eisenhart stamps were issued from January, 1876 until mid-May, 1881. 9,046,000 were issued on silk, pink and watermarked paper. The copy above is on watermarked paper.