Zisemann, Griesheim & Company
F. Mansfield & Company
Alligator Match Company

Zisemann, Griesheim and Company were only in business for a portion of 1867 and 1868, when they were succeeded by F. Mansfield and Company. Mansfiled did not change the name on the stamps until 1875.

The Zisemann, Griesheim stamps were printed in two colors, green and blue. 739,040 were printed in green between March and August of 1868. The blue ones were produced from August, 1868 until August, 1875. 17,383,756 were issued on old paper, and 29,363,710 on silk paper. The one above is on silk paper.

In 1875, when the National Bank Note Company took over printing proprietary stamps from the Carpenter firm, F. Mansfield and Company had a new plate made with their name substituted for Zisemann, Griesheim. Their stamps were printed from November of 1875 through November of 1879. 2,200,000 were issued on silk, pink and watermarked papers. The stamp above was printed on watermarked paper.

There was never an Alligator Match Company as such in Saint Louis. The Cupples woodenware company ordered matches with harder heads from Mansfield for Southern sales under the brand name of Alligator. The stamps were prepared for that purpose.

28,705,240 of the Alligator stamps were issued from January of 1880 to February, 1883 on watermarked paper. The rouletted versions of these stamps were produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing around the end of 1880.

In order not to confuse distributors, Mansfield or Cupples used "Alligator Matches" in correspondence.