H. & W. Roeber
William Roeber

Henry and William Roeber took over the company from August Roeber in 1866. Their stamps were issued from June of 1866 to August, 1875. 21,971,490 were issued on old paper, and 21,163,360 on silk paper. The copy above is on silk paper.

In 1870 Henry Roeber appears to no longer have been with the company, but the same stamps were used until 1875. In October of that year revised stamps were first issued. These continued to be used into 1883, though the company had been sold to Diamond Match in 1881. 16,410,600 of the new stamps were issued on silk paper, and 112,524,963 were issued on pink and watermarked papers. The perforated copy is on watermarked paper, as are all rouletted private die match stamps.