Universal Safety Match Company
Leigh & Palmer
H. Leigh

The Universal Match Company began in Boston but was sold to owners in Trenton, New Jersey in 1867. The stamps were issued from November of 1864 into August, 1875, through four different owners. 9,286,580 were issued on old paper and 9,434,620 on silk paper. The one above is on old paper.

The fourth owners of the company were Hendrickson and Leigh. The next were Leigh and Palmer, who had the stamp altered to reflect the location and new name. Their stamps were issued from February, 1876 to October of 1880. 3,139,500 were printed on silk, pink and watermarked papers. This copy is on silk paper.

In 1877 or '78 Hutchinson Leigh became sole owner of the factory. In 1881 he had the samps revised to reflect his ownership. These were supplied from June 12, 1881 through May of 1883. 7,560,000 were issued on watermarked paper.

A trial color plate proof of the Leigh & Palmer stamp on India paper.