W.S. Kyle
A. Messinger

The Kyle factory was in Norton, Massachusetts. Kyle only ran it for a short time after his private die stamps were issued in March of 1865, as they were delivered to Austin Messinger after March of 1866. Stamps with the Kyle name continued to be delivered until August, 1875. 17,076,000 were printed on old paper and 21,155,609 on silk paper. The one above is on old paper.

In 1875 Messinger had the die altered to show his name. He continued to operate the factory even after Diamond Match bought it, around 1881. The stamps were delivered up through May 15, 1883. 54,578,510 were issued on silk, pink and watermarked papers. The one shown here is on watermarked paper.

The Kyle and Messinger stamps were separated with scissors in a rather haphazard manner. It is not unusual to find perfortations trimmed off on one or more sides.