Merchant's Gargling Oil
Advertising on the Backs of Covers

A typical envelope supplied by Merchant's, with the user's corner card on front and Merchant's advertising on the back.

The back of the cover above. The advertising looks very much like that on the back cover of the 1876 almanac on the main page. Again, Hodge is shown as Secretary, supporting the idea that he did not become President until well after he owned controlling interest in the company.

Docketing places this cover in 1886, though Hodge is still shown as Secretary on this and later envelopes.

This cover was used in 1886. The top text is displayed in an ornate style compared to the next two covers.

Although the advertisement on this cover uses a more modernistic style, it was used in 1883, before the one shown prior to it.

This cover is from 1887 and looks much like the one above, but the wording below "FOR MAN" is "Garget in Cows, Cracked Teats, Callous, Lameness.." where the one above reads "Garget in Cows, Callous, Lameness..."

This cover was used in 1892, The advertisement shows the Arabian horse logo for the first time. Hodge is still shown as Secretary.

An unused cover. The style is different at the bottom from the previous one, and this one names Hodge Secretary and Manager.

Yet another design at the bottom, with Hodge as Secretary and Manager. This cover was used in 1893.

This 1895 cover finally identifies Hodge as President and Manager. Hodge died in 1895 as well.

This cover does not mention Hodge. It was sent on July 1, 1898, the first day of the Spanish American War revenue taxes. Merchant's must have used general issue proprietary stamps on their products, but these have not been identified.

A different advertising setup entirely on back of a cover used in 1899. Part of the left side is missing.