A Gallery of Harter Covers

This cover is undated, but would have been used before 1875. It functioned like reply mail from a product distributor in Downstate Missouri.

The back of the cover shown above.

A cover sent to a druggist or distributor in Sandusky. There are a number of similar covers to the same person.

A reply mail cover from Fayette, Missouri.

An 1883 cover illustrating the Harter facsimile stamp.

This 1894 cover was sent from Saint Louis not too long before the company was bought and moved.

The back of the cover shown above.

The back of a very plain, business-sized cover mailed in 1894.

A registered cover sent to Harter Medicine Company from Mountain, Missouri in November of 1894. The company appears to have been still in Saint Louis as of that time.

This registered business reply cover was forwarded to Dayton, Ohio in December of 1895.

An 1896 cover with the Dayton address on the front but both Dayton and Saint Louis mentioned on the back.

Harter "rented advertising space" on the backs of envelopes used by dealers or even hotels. This is a late usage, 1898, on an envelope from Didier House, Latty, Ohio.