Antikamnia Battleship Cancels

There are six major types of Antikamnia cancels listed by Morton Dean Joyce in 1957.

Type 1: Handstamped monogram cancelation with the firm name above the monogram in one line of upper and lower case letters, and the date in one line below the monogram. The month is in upper and lower case letters also.

All examples are dated July 1, 1898.

Types 2 and 3 are two line handstamped cancels with the firm name above in small upper and lower case letters and the date above or below in figures. The date is much larger in Type 3 than in Type 2. All known examples are dated 5 1 1899 or May 1 1899.

Type 4: Three line horizontal handstamps cancelation with "AK CO AK" repeated above and below, and the date between them.

All examples are dated 6-15-01. This is after the tax had ended, so the cancel may have been applied to stamps to be sent in for redemption.

Type 5: Horizontal printed monogram cancel with the firm's name in full in a curved line of capital letters above the monogram, and the date below the monogram in a plain block font of type.

The month may be abbreviated in capital letters or presented in numerical form. There were four fonts of the figure "1" used in the dates, and three positions of the hyphens exist, makikng a large number of possible combinations.

The date in the first cancel above has a medium position hyphen between the first month and the day and a high position one between the day and the year. The "1" in "1899" has a serif. The hyphens in the second cancel are both medium position, and the serif "1" is used in the month, but a narrow-width, square top "1" is used in the year.

Type 6: Horizontal printed cancellation with the firm's name in full in a curved line above the "AK" monogram, same as in Type 5, with the date below in a small serif font of type.